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At Petpro4dogs, there’s something for every dog with multiple techniques & a variety of training options…
Petpro4dogs uses cutting edge techniques specifically designed to get a happy, healthy, well trained pet while having   fun.  Motivational training is a very popular technique using lots of treats and praise with very little or no correction to entice obedience & tricks.Traditional training is similar to and in fact uses all the techniques involved in motivational training which includes lots of treats and praise, the difference being that corrections are used to help the dogs understand what behaviors are unacceptable.  Based on the dog’s personality, a type of correction is employed that stimulates a response without causing distress or upsetting the dog. With traditional training, your pet will learn much quicker and will listen every time because they will understand exactly what you expect of them.  In return, your dog will respect you and be happy about it.  They don't want to be the master, they want a master and when they understand what you want from them, that creates a close bond.  Too often the dog does not understand what you want and this leads to submission, which the owner misreads as guilt making them believe the dog knew what he did wrong when in fact the dog had no clue what he had done wrong.  With Petpro4dogs we make you and your best friend happy.   With these and many more techniques to choose from, after a brief evaluation, you and your trainer can choose the training plan that fits your best friend.

The variety of options  available is up to you.   Standard obedience has 3 levels:  Beginning, Intermediate, and Advance.  These programs can run through obedience classes  Board n Train or private lessons.

Obedience Classes

Obedience classes are a great way to get your dogs or pups socialized with other people and listen to you with other animals around with plenty of distractions.  You work at your own level.  You will receive a PetPro4dogs package "The Formula of Dog Training" and all the levels you will be going through with the Obedience Group Classes.  Classes are once a week and you will have homework to do before your next class.  Since everyone has different schedules and every dog is different, you must pass one level until you can advance to the next level.  This way every dog is at the right level. 
You will have tons of fun for you and your pet while learning  obedience together. With games like  Tick-Tack-Paws, Fido Says, and races you and your best friend are sure to have a blast!

Board n Train

At Petpro4dogs Board n Train is for people who do not have the time or ability to work with their dog on a day to day basis. You drop off your untrained dog, and when you pick them up there training is complete.  Your pet will be a part of our family when they come and be treated the same as our own pets.  Standard Obedience is done at 3 levels, Beginning, Intermediate, and Advance, plus many specialty options to choose from.  Each standard level takes about 3 weeks to complete there training, some finish earlier and some may take a little longer depending on your individual dog. Therapy and Specialty training are customized and each dog is different and depending what you want will determine the length and curriculum.   Standard training, obedience classes,  Specialty training and 3 private lessons are included in the Board n Train.  For serious cases such as handler aggression, dog aggression, etc... it may take more than 1 session to resolve the problem.

Private Lessons

Private lessons is a great way to have your dog or puppy trained in the privacy of your own home and having your pet trained on your own premises.  This program is used to train you and your whole family how to co-exist with your best friend.  After our first lessons I will give you your homework and after you feel your dog is ready for his or her next lessons you will give me a call.  This way I am not showing up at your door when you really don't believe you're ready for the next lesson yet.  You work at your own pace and you can call me any time for questions or advice.  

Beginning:  This is a great level for puppies - Imprinting (everything your pup learns up to the age of 16 wks or 4 months remembers everything for life) this is also good for older dogs that has received no or little training. We have a standard curriculum of sit/stay, down/stay, come when called, walking on a loose leash, and learning to stay on a climb (does not leave or remains on an elevated platform)..  Also includes general manners and behavior issues including potty training, jumping up, chewing or play biting - (there is actually no such thing as Play Biting, They Are Practicing to see what they can get away with and when they get older it can be very dangerous to a child or adult getting on furniture, etc...

Look - Your pup can listen
               like  the big  guys too!

Intermediate In this level your training continues or you already have some  beginning training with your puppy or dog. We have a standard curriculum of advanced length and distance in sit/stay, down/stay.  Begin distance recalls with sit fronts. Begin heeling and pace changes, left turns, right turns, about turns, and halts.  Begin Stands and ooks (while in a down position, there heads are completely on the ground).  Remaining  on a climb are also advanced.  Starting off leash by letting the leash drag on the ground capability and a higher level of response with less maintenance work are some of the benefits of Intermediate.

Advanced:   In this Level , we have a standard curriculum of advanced length and distance in sit/stay, down/stay, and come when called off leash.  Begin with off leash free heeling.  Begin sit in motion and down in motion.  Faster pace changes, quick halts and run-out about turns.  Adding more distractions on recalls.  Remaining longer on a climb, even when you are not there, are also advanced. Finish (dog goes to the heel position from a sit front).  Figure 8 (heeling in a figure 8 form) Total off leash capability and immediate response with minimal maintenance work are some of the benefits of Advanced.

After the advanced training, you will be so proud of your best friend at the park, in the competition obedience rings or just at home. My goal is to make you and your dog better co-exists, which means that with this program we will get away from your average everyday obedience .

At Petpro4dogs there are many specialty training options also. These include , Protection/Guard/, Therapy/Problem Solving, Scent Discrimination/Tracking, Narcotics Indication, aggression which includes handler aggression, dog aggression or food aggression, retrieve, and many more.



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