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Frequently Asked Questions
 What Age Should I Start My Pup’s Training?
9 weeks of age is a good start, this way you have time to bond with your
puppy before training. Multiple studies have shown that anything pups
learn by the age of 16 wks or 4 months stays with them forever. From a
young age, your pup will be able to better understand what is and isn’t acceptable and how to please you. Starting young is priceless when it
comes to obedience and it is a great building block for the future. Any
further training will go much more quickly and any behavior issues that
develop will end more quickly as well.
Is My Dog Too Old For Training?  
No dogs are ever too old to learn obedience and manners.  Dogs of any
age are capable of learning and I have successfully trained older dogs
where my clients thought there was no hope.  Yes, you can train old dogs
new tricks.  As for training the competitive dog (AKC Obedience or Schutzhund obedience, etc..) It is much easier as a puppy, but it can
be done and has happened with 1st place winners. Give me a call, I'll be
happy to personally evaluate your dog for free.
Can I Visit While My Dog Is In Board n Train
Of Course. I welcome visits by appointment, Saturdays are best but if that doesn’t work, I can set something up for you. I recommend you coming
once a week to show you how your puppy or dog is progressing with there training and having you work your dog each week so you are not
overwhelmed with all the training at the end.  You can also call anytime
you like to check on your best friend while they’re in training.
What do I need to bring along for my dog while they're at
Board N Train? 
You need to bring food for them so they don't get an upset stomach from changing their diet. You'll also need to provide any medications they'll 
need while here. Vaccine records showing proof of Rabies, DHLPP, and Bordetella up to date will need to be provided. All dogs are required to be
 on flea and tick prevention, as well as parasite prevention. You're also
welcome to bring blankets, bedding, toys, treats, etc. 
Will My Dog Forget About Me?  
They never do. Dogs are very bonded to the people they love and they 
don’t forget. In fact, they’re generally so happy to see their families that we
have to give them a couple of minutes to compose themselves before we
can demonstrate their training. Loyalty is a trait man can envy of canines.
Will Training Change My Dog’s Personality? 
No training changes behaviors, not personalities. We can teach your dog
to listen to you, perform tasks on command and eliminate undesirable
habits as well as a whole host of specialty training, but nothing will change
who your dog is. In other words, we can’t take away your dog’s desire to
chase cars – but we can teach them they’re not allowed to do it. In certain
cases, dogs that are very nervous, anxious, fearful, or aggressive and
undergo behavior modification/problem solving training will become
calmer and more relaxed; alleviating these tensions through training and desensitization allows the dog’s true personality to shine.
                                                                                                                                     How does the training work and how do I maintain it at home?
Board n Train is included in the price of training. We are unique in the fact
that you will receive a full go home lesson, review sheet, free private
lessons good for up to 3 months, and our trainers on call after you take
your best friend home to assure that the training goes home with you too. 
No where else can you get an aftercare program such as this. It is as
important to us as is to you that your pet maintains their performance.
If you have more questions, feel free to give me a call at 636-297-9313
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