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Adult Dogs Sold
Sable is a 18 month old female Belgian
Malinois sold to the Belleville, IL
K9 Police Dept.  When sold she was
well socialized, advanced obedience
trained which included the retrieve, jumping on command, etc... some
narcotics, civil protection and is now doing extremely well with her new handler.
Riley is a 2 1/2 yr. old male rottweiler. After Riley received Obedience and Aggression Therapy towards boys and men, he is doing wonderful with his new owners.
Shelby is a 2 yr. old female German Shepherd mix rescue dog.  After basic obedience training and building up her confidence she was placed with a wonderful family.
Felix is a 2 yr. old male  flat coated retriever which I picked up from the pound ready to be etherized.
After basic obedience training and building up his confidence he was also placed with a wonderful family.

Cain is now a 3yr. old male Belgian Malinois.  After his obedience training, ball drive and tracking he went with his new family for a home protection dog.  His owner and Cain came back for advance obedience training classes.  Cain is doing great and taking care of his new family.

Cleo is a 4yr. old female Labrador also ready to be etherized.  Great tempered dog with lots of loving in her.  After some basic obedience training she was placed with a wonderful family with another lab for a playmate to keep her company when her family went to work and kids at school.
Nikki is a 1 yr. old Belgian Malinois sold to a couple who wanted a frizby dog.  After her obedience training, serious confidence build-up and bringing out her ball drive, she is living in Columbia, Mo and can't be happier. 
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