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About Us
Petpro4dogs is based on the belief that no dog is a lost cause. Also, my clients' needs - both human and canine - are of the utmost importance.  I am committed to maintaining the highest possible standard of care and training because all of my clients truly believe in what is done at Petpro4dogs. As a result, a high percentage of my business is from repeat customers and referrals.

                       About Me

                                                                                    Linda Williams ~ A native of Canada moved to California with my family as a child.  I have had a long history of  working with and helping dogs in many different ways from training, manners,  to saving their lives through aggression  therapy.   I have trained dogs for the most part of my life and feel that is my greatest gift.  Moved to Missouri in 1994 when my husband Gregg had his job transfer.  Through different avenues of dog training I had decided I love the working dog.  Upgrading my training and graduating with The Tom Rose School as a Certified Professional Dog Trainer,  continuing to learn more every day I can analyze any aspect of dog training which includes puppy selection & imprinting (every thing a puppy learns up to 16 weeks or 4 months they will remember for life), basic thru competition obedience, protection/guard, agility , retrieving,  problem solving, behavior modification/therapy/ tracking/search,narcotics/, scent discrimination, article indication, etc.  My job is to train or show you how a dog understands what is expected from you, having your pet wanting to please you and even having fun while doing it.

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